Fine Art Productions


Michael Petrizzo

350 Gifford St.

Falmouth, MA 02540

(860) 209-1990

Families, head shots, seniors, fine art for home or business.

Fine Art Productions

Fine Art Productions


I offer professional portrait services wether it's families on the beach, formal in studio fine art portraiture, or headshots for business and social media. I am an award winninng photographer with decades of experience. I am also an awared winning landscape photographer. I offer prints custom sized to fit your space as opposed to so called standard sizes. I offer photo restoration services and specialize in photographing art for archival purposes and or giclee prints. I look forward to serving you.


About Me

I love what I do. Capturing families and producing memorable portraits that hang in homes and business spaces is a passion. I believe every family should have professional portraits taken at least once. The memories created and frozen in time for generations are priceless. I also love shooting Cape Cod landscape imagry. There is nothing like the peace and solitude I derive from being alone on a shoot at sunrise or sunset, in a gorgeous location. My heart beats faster out of pure delight, at the opportunity to create art that others get enjoyment from.

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