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Decastro Photography


Decastro Photography

Ewerton Decastro

PO Box 214

West Hyannisport, MA, 02672

(508) 280-8060



Weddings & Portraits.

Weddings, Engagements,

Family, High School Senior, and Maternity.


As the Decastro Photography team, we are a couple of passionate wedding photographers and storytellers dedicated to capturing the most precious moments of your special day. We believe your wedding day is a unique and beautiful story that deserves to be told through stunning imagery that captures the essence of your love, joy, and celebration.

You know those butterflies in your stomach when you're in love?
That's how we feel when photographing. Agitated and alert on the inside but calm on the outside.

We believe that photography must show who people are and portray what they feel.

Just like us, photographs must have a heart and a soul, making them true even to those who were not there.
We like people who live the moments sincerely, to face life lightly and intensely. Being physically close to these people makes reaching close to the spirit possible. It's as if we can feel something very

similar to what they feel: the nervousness, the butterflies in the stomach, the urge to cry, to scream, to jump! That's what we call storytelling. That's what we do.

Ewerton Decastro

About us

Ewerton Decastro is an award-winning wedding and family photographer with over ten years of experience. Educated at the New England School of Photography and mentored by renowned photographers like Nei Bernardes and Robison Kunz, I bring a unique perspective to capturing special moments. As the husband of Nagila and father of Junior, Helena, and Catharina, my family is my inspiration for storytelling through my photographs, sharing the beauty and emotion of each occasion.

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