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Bello Photo

Christine Ferullo

Mashpee, MA 02649

(508) 539-1039

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Lifestyle Photography, Family, Weddings

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Led by award-winning photographer, Christine Ferullo, BelloPhoto is dedicated to telling life's beautiful stories with real, emotion-packed, heart-centered imagery.


BelloPhoto....because life is beautiful.


Christine Ferullo

About Me

I first found my way to photography professionally back in 1998, when I was hired as a reporter for a local newspaper. I had always enjoyed photography as a hobby, particularly in my solo travels across the US and then later throughout Europe, N. Africa and Central America, but when I was asked to take photos to accompany my news stories, I really understood the power of being able to convey a lot...without actually using any words, and I absolutely fell in love with the art and process of visual storytelling. Turns out, I was pretty good at it too. So, in 2002, I quit my job as then news editor to start BelloPhoto with my husband, Andy.


Initially, we focused solely on weddings, having just got married oursleves. But, over the years, and because of the deep relationships we formed with our couples, we got requests to follow our couples into their next happy And, that is where my focus is today.


I absolutely love photographing couples and families in their daily lives. And, my lifestyle sessions give me and my clients the time and space to capture life as it really is....sure I'll pose you for that Holiday Card photo, but the moments we really remember are unrehearsed expressions of love, where we embrace our relationships and experiences with the world around us....and those are the moments I love capturing in photos.


Getting people to let their guard down, and trust me enough to let me see the real them, brings me such joy and ignites in me, my own passion for living joyfully. When I'm not working, you can find me exploring some corner of the Cape with Andy and our sweet fur baby, Faith, who inspires me daily to really embrace life's simplest pleasures.


Looking forward to meeting you soon and documenting your beautiful life.


~ with love,

Christine xx

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