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Mark O'Connell Photography


Mark O'Connell Photography

Mark O'Connell

21 Kallio Path

Pembroke, MA 02359

(781) 826-8189




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Mother Nature does all the work, I just have to be there to click the shutter.
My art is all about sharing landscapes at that perfect moment in time.

Mark O'Connell

Meet Mark

Photography . . . I just love it!

Even after 50 years with a camera in my hand I cannot think of anything else that I'd rather be doing as a career or a hobby. The camera changed my life and opened up my world throughout the years. I've always been sort of an introvert. Traveling by myself or even going on an exploration of the nearby woodlands made be feel a little bit like a loner. With a camera in hand I felt that my true justification in life was to find something there that would help me relive those moments, and perhaps others would see themselves there too. Out and about in the fresh air was good for me!

From 1976 until maybe 1995 I shot film, and plenty of it. Photographing weddings, portraits, commercial, and even passports, I did it all! In 1996 I started discovering digital with a Kodak Digital Consumer Camera. Soon after I incorporated it into my business. Once the affordable pro-level cameras came on the market I stood in line to get in on the ground floor. It blew my mind that I no longer had to wait a week to see if my efforts were good like with using film. Having many digital cameras since then, and of course the plethora of lens, and software to match, I continue to hone my skills, enjoying each minute of the process.

So if you have to come across me during your travels feel free to come over and say hi. I'll be at my "happy place"