Sandra Costello Photography


Sandra Costello Photography

Sandra Costello

3 Main Street, #15

Eastham, MA 02642

(413) 427-1676



Personal Branding & Headshots, Portraits of Women, High School Seniors, and Families


Sandra is a Portrait and Personal Branding photographer specializing in photographing women and the people they love. Sandra's superpower is creating space for women to shine. She knows how to draw out your inner spark in photos that empower, delight and build confidence. Sandra will happily photograph on-location or in her sweet, light-filled studio located in Eastham.

Sandra Costello

About Me

Picture a cheerful kid with a bowl haircut turning to a total stranger at a grocery store and inviting them to dinner. That was me. It’s one of my mom’s favorite stories to tell, and people who know me usually aren’t surprised to hear it. When you come from a huge family, Irish on one side and Italian on the other, big dinners where everyone belongs are the norm. What’s one more person when you’ve got 44 first cousins (Come on in, random fellow grocery shopper!)


I love and accept people for who they are - that means you, too. If you're anything like my amazing clients, you want to look like the expert you are yet appear approachable, which means you need to feel comfortable and at ease during your session. I give you the space to be all of that with an extra sprinkle of fabulousness. Pinky promise.


I also believe in caring for yourself as a way of caring for those you love. When you feel you’re living true to who you are, you’re more open and available for others. You’re also more relaxed and radiant, which makes for great photos - so I make it my business to give you space to be yourself.


I believe in brave moments and helping you find new ways to appreciate who you are, exactly as you are.




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